10 reasons why you need to give yourself a foot massage

You are on your feet almost all day and when was the last time you gave you feet a massage?

Perhaps, you have never given yourself a foot massage or perhaps it has never crossed your mind. Paying someone to give you a foot massage is awesome and rewarding but that’s not always convenient or in the budget.

I have a secret to share – you can give yourself a foot massage. It’s easy and here are 10 reasons why you should do it

1.It feels good- Things that feel good are normally really good for you and foot massages are definitely GOOD FOR YOU! Your feet do so much for you, you literally are on them all day long so no wonder a foot massage would feel good!

2. It is easy- as humans we complicate everything! Foot massages do not need to be difficult or challenging. Actually, they are insanely easy. You need feet, hands, and some lotion – BOOM! THA.IS.IT. If you don’t have a lotion you can still give yourself a foot massage.

3. A little massage goes a long way- A five-minute foot massage will still benefit you. Yes, of course, the longer the better because it feels so good but any amount of time loving on your amazing, resilient, hard-working feet is time well spent.

4. It helps relieve stress and anxiety- most people are walking around with WAY too much stress zooming around their bodies and minds. You could elevate that by rubbing your feet. It is freaking FREE! It is easy and EFFECTIVE!

5. This helps you connect to your body- If you are reading this then you are alive and have a body. Our bodies are incredible! The problem with most of us is that we spend WAY too much time living in our heads, thinking and worrying instead of connecting and being in the moment. Giving yourself a foot massage is a great way to bring you into the NOW and take a moment to really connect with your own body.

6. It’s a way to say THANK-YOU- thank your body people! Seriously, your body does so much for you and often without a thank-you. A short or long foot massage sends yourself the message that you are worth it, that you are grateful for all your body has done for you. When you feel worth it and grateful you are happier and healthier.

7. Your feet take a ton of impact- DO your feet hurt sometimes, most of the time or all the time? It’s because all the impact goes through them. They are your connection to the earth nearly all the time. That means they take a lot of pressure. If you want your feet to be healthy for a long time then you need to love on them today and tomorrow so when you are an old lady you are still walking around without pain.

8. Improves circulation- improved circulation is ALWAYS a great result. Better blood circulation means a healthier body and in this case healthier feet. Healthier feet mean less pain and more stability.

9. It will help with balance- When I give my student foot massages or teach them who to give themselves foot massages I see improvement in their balance. Foot massages improve balance because of the improved circulation through out the foot. It also helps target any knots you may have in foot muscles that are preventing you from spreading your feet to create a wider more stable foundation.

10. Brings joy – A foot massage has this incredible effect of making people happy (unless you have ticklish feet). Sometimes or often joy is in short demand so why not develop the habit of giving yourself a foot massage and receive the mood boost that accompanies it. Who knows maybe a daily foot massage is the answer to your worries.


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