5 Minute Free Tap Class

5 Minute Free Tap Class

Want to get better at Tap dancing? Well, give this quick 5 minute free tap class a go and see what happens.

Why is Tap dancing is so much fun?

Tap dancing is so much fun because you GET TO MAKE A LOT OF NOISE! Tap dancing is a wonderful work out and it makes you feel happy. How many things are you doing in your life that make you feel like a kid and help tone your jiggly bits? You need to tap dance!

If you have ever tap danced just take a moment and remember tapping around when you were younger and the way it made you feel… You can have that awesomeness in your life again.

Free tap class for you

I have put together this free tap class where I teach some intermediate choreography to the amazing song “Thunder!” You will love it and work up a sweat you wont be sorry about.

This quick free tap class is 5 minutes long! EVERYONE has five minuets, everyone! If you want to rekindle the love of tap you once had or create a brand new love start today. Yes! Start right now with 5 minutes. 5 minutes a day is totally doable, you can crush that goal.

What you will need

For this free tap class you will ideally need a pair of tap shoes. If you don’t have any a pair of shoes with a very small heel (boots) will be your best shot.

The best tap shoes

Tap shoes are all sorts of prices and some can be pricey but honesty without them you are going to have really hard time creating the desired sounds.

I particularly love Bloch spilt sole tap shoes. These shoes last forever! The Bloch split sole tap shoe is so comfortable and creates clear sharp sounds.

If you don’t want to spend that much money ask around. You might be surprised as often people have a pair of tap shoes in their attic from a show they were in a while ago or buy a cheaper more affordable option like the Theatricals brand of tap shoes.

You are ready for your free tap class

I am so thrilled for you to learn this choreography to “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons because it is such a fun song with a powerful driving drum beat that tapping to it feel amazing.

The video will start with me going through the choreography slowly and then faster and finally with the music. The first few times you are going to be a little flustered but know that that is NORMAL. Each time you revisit the movement you will surprise yourself as your brain will remember and your muscles will have stronger connective pathways.

Tap class “Thunder”

Remember this free tap class is an intermediate level. If you are BRAND NEW to tapping check out the following tutorials-

5 minute free tap class
5 minute free tap class

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