5 reasons why dancing in turn out is amazing

Hello darling friends!

In the next five minutes I will convince you to develop your turn out because of the awesome results it will give you.

Perhaps you reading this thinking “what the turn out?” so if the term “turn out” is making your face do the weird scrunched up confused look I will explain.

What is TURN OUT?

To help you understand what turn out is I will first tell you what turn out is not. Turn out is not having your hips, legs and feet parallel to each other. Rather turn out is a rotation that begins at the hips.

To achieve turn out the femur joint that sits inside your hip socket gently rotates outwards to the side of your body. This creates a domino effect upon the rest of your legs; knees will point out to the sides at an angle. Your heels will touch and your feet will point outwards creating a “v” shape with your feet.


5 reasons why dancing in turn out is amazing

  1. You can get buns of steel! Actually, buns of steel would literally be awkward and uncomfortable but turn out will engage your whole bottom in a new way that will lift and shape it.
  2. Increased range of motion is a fabulous result of developing your turn out. As you increase your mobility in turn out you reduce the possibilities of injuries.
  3. A newfound level of flexibility will result in practicing turn out. With the western worlds lifestyle of excessive sitting our hips can become frozen in the parallel position reducing the flexibility of the muscles and ligaments surrounding the joint.
  4. Stronger toned legs. Want to start turning that bubbly fat into refined leg muscles? Practice your turn out and your legs will start to transform in their shape and size.
  5. You will surprise yourself. Too often we decided what we are capable or doing and what we think we will fail at. Here’s the thing if you practice standing in turn out you will quickly see how fast your body responds to something new. How suddenly something that seemed so foreign becomes a new skill.
  6. BONUS AWESOME REASON now you are ready to try dance moves that before were out of your reach!!!!!!



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