You have amazing energy for one! No matter how I felt lacking in skill it was absorbed by your energy! Your class has helped me find the courage to do the dances. Feeling encouragement from all sides.


Jess, you are so patient and accepting of what level we are at. You find the good in us and make us feel empowered to do great things! You are so talented, and I am so grateful that you are in my life! You have helped me change to be a better version of myself and I love being able to feel a difference in my body! I am always happy after a session with you!


These classes are FUN, FUN, FUN, non critical, non judging. Just try and you WILL succeed. Jessica explains the why, and how in very simple terms and you can see that she loves what she is teaching!


I love your teaching style–you bring enthusiasm and you give encouragement when we are trying something new. I love the how you personalize each movement for those in your class. I was so surprised by how spiritually fed I have felt coming to your class. I love how you bring the light of Christ into each session. The messages you share have spiritually strengthen me.


Our favorite thing about these classes are YOU!!! The teacher is the best thing! Your attitude, experience, approachability… it’s everything that you offer!! Thank you!

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