My mind is powerful and so is yours…I have let my mind be far too negative lately and you know what tonight it ends!

Tonight, I focus on the good, the light, the truth and the blessings.

We will see what we look for and I have been looking for how I don’t measure up, how I am not enough and how I should curl up and hide.

Well, world I ain’t hiding, no more.

God needs me, He needs you to stand and shine. To share, to be, to love and to transform this ever darkening world; we are His army, His power, His hands.

If we just try to look for the good, to be the good and to acknowledge the good then He will be the difference.

When we allow God to be the difference our impact is exactly what it needs to be because He is the author of our lives and will interweave our narratives in the most perfect ways.

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