A new day

If you are reading this then it’s easy to presume that you are alive and you are living yet another day here on this earth. Sometimes each day can seem like a sprint towards to finish lines that just keeps getting further and further away. But truth be told life on earth is not a sprint for most of us, it’s more like a marathon. We need to pace ourselves and understand the finish line is off far int he distance.

Here are a few simple thing you can incorporate into your thinking that will help you approach life with a little more focus and motivation:

  1. Choose your final destination- Mine is to live with God again. If I want to be with God in the next life I need to carve out time today, tomorrow and the day after that to be close to Him.
  2. PLAN- this is not one of my strengths but I have made leaps and bounds in my progress. If I start my week out looking at my schedule (we are talking 15 mins) then I recognize where I have doubled booked myself (one day I may have graduated from this weakness) and gives me time to fix things or switch stuff around. Starting my day off looking at my day and planning accordingly frees my mind and reduces my stress.
  3. Ask for help- from God, your family, co-workers, friends because you will have times in life where you simply CAN NOT do it on your own. When that time is here please, please throw away your pride and seek help.
  4. Try again- sometimes a day, week or month are just plain crappy. Give yourself an appropriate amount of time to morn your disappointment and then move on and try again. If we just stay stuck in a perpetual cycle of negativity then all that will come of our situations is more negativity. Try again and maybe you try differently, because there are so many ways to live this life.

I am sharing these thoughts for myself because I have been in a rut the last couple weeks with summer coming to a close and all the emotions that seems to accompany that. I am giving myself a clean slate today, probably tomorrow and the next day after that to start over, start fresh and try these small simple habits to bring me closer to my divine destination.

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