Get a little comfy so you can enjoy a new spin on living in the moment. In this day and age talk of living in the moment is kind of a buzz word and for good reason. Living in the moment is something so many of us desire but find difficult. We have so many distractions and our minds are cluttered with everything and anything.

The way I am going to spin this philosophy is to talk about living in the not so wonderful moments. Here is the thing so often we hear about living in the moment when you are talking with a friend, playing with your kids, walking to school etc…

The thing is the teaching of living int he moment is too often depicted through rose colored glasses. Truth be told, many moments in life are not rose colored. I believe it’s just as important for us to live in all moments good, bad and boring. Living in the moment, all the moments we will deepen our life experience.

Just the other day I was talking to someone I love who has still not processed the death of her father. She avoided living in the moment when he dies, being present at his funeral, visiting his home state. By not living in those moments she has so many feelings and experiences stuck inside of her.

The more moments we don’t live in will rob us of living in the present moment. In this present moment it is so much harder to be present because our body and mind are holding on to feelings and experiences that haven’t been felt.

How does one live in the moment?

When you are experiencing the need to escape your present situation ACKNOWLEDGE this is happening. When you acknowledge that you want to escape ACCEPT IT. There is this this unspoken expectation that living in the moment means we have to enjoy each moment. BALONEY!!! That is absolutely ridiculous.

Life is made up of so many different elements, so many emotions. Each emotion and experience is an opportunity to grow and learn more.

GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to not enjoy every moment. Once we give ourselves permission to feel our feelings in those moments.

If the feeling of escape is constant that is a big red flag that a change in priority needs to occur.


In that moment when you want to escape give yourself a change to focus on your breathing. Inhale in through your nose and exhale out of your mouth. As the focus narrows onto breathing you may feel a little more centered and draw upon your power to live in the moment.

If your moment is “I want to escape” you acknowledge it and tell yourself or the person you are with that you want to run away from this situation. This could be transformative to the moment. It could trigger an experience where you have an enriching conversation or you could experience the relief from saying it out loud.


If this is all new information to your ears I would encourage you to enjoy this meditation . Trying meditation is an excellent way for you to become more aware of what is happening in your mind. The more mind awareness you cultivate the more ability you will have to live in the moment.

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