Hey, I am Jessica!

I am going to share a conversation with you that I had with a local surf teacher in Ecuador. We were making our way to the waves and as each wave hit my body I squealed with delight and abounding excitement. Mr surf instructor said, “Wow, you have BIG FEELINGS!” “Yes, I do” I replied with a wide smile. “You are VERY EXPRESSIVE” he determined.

That’s me summed up- big feelings and very expressive! Due to being blessed with this type of disposition I have had many opportunities to learn how to identify, process, and express such BIG FEELINGS in healthy ways. The tools I have gained and use daily have become crucial to my overall health.

I don’t have any accolades that set me above anyone else in this wide world, I don’t have certifications to display as medals of my success to convince you to put great faith in me. So why do I share? I share because I feel compelled to share the ideas, strategies, and processes that have reduced pain in my life and increased the clarity I experience on a daily basis.

These seeminly small things are my qualifications…

  • Living with depression and finding strategies that have helped me regain my health and vibrancy
  • Learning how to experience life with less pain and suffering through processes that help me create and choose thoughts that help me process and feel the BIG FEELINGS I have experienced
  • Having a desire to grow in emotional intelligence
  • I have discovered ways to help me address uncomfortable feelings and situations with clarity and courage
  • Overcoming false beliefs and replacing them with healthy ones
  • A desire and drive to help others gain clarity as they progress in their emotional intelligence
  • A deep belief that so much of the pain and suffering we experience as individuals, as families, communities, and countries is a result of the thoughts and stories we create around the BIG or UNCOMFORTABLE feelings we might be avoiding or experiencing

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