Am I enough?

Being enough is a rather interesting challenge to wrestle with. I mean enough for who? Enough of what? What measuring stick are you holding, does it even belong to the right person?

When I am feeling down in the dumps this tends to be the place where my mind hangs out. I wouldn’t recommend it! It is a place of lies and pain. Over the years I have developed the ability to recognize that this happens and cultivate tools that help me get out of it and get into a place of gratitude and grace.

These are a few of my tools and perhaps they will help you-

  1. “Would God say that to me?” I ask myself all the time would God say that to me? I know that my Father in Heaven loves me deeply and unconditionally. I have had too many experiences where He has filled me with perfect love that I cannot and will not deny it. Now there have been times God has reproved me and chastened me but the tone of His love and guidance is not that of not being enough. He would never call me stupid, an idiot, worthless or fill me with shame. If it’s not from God then I try my hardest to let it go.
  2. If it doesn’t seem possible to let go I question where does it come from. Often my insecurities come from within me and are created by the distortions of my mind. When I can recognize that this is the case it becomes so much easier for me to redirect my energy and seek for truth. If it coming from someone else and their standards and expectations then I have to question if it is worth me feeling worthless for. I have to ask myself if that person understood how projecting their standards onto me is causing such pain would they want that? If the answer is no then I seek courage to talk with them and share. If the answer is yes then boundaries need to be created because people who’s judgement is so loud are not welcome at my table. Boundaries protect and add strength.
  3. Question is it true? So many of my negative thoughts are complete rubbish and fueled by my inner drama queen. They are irrational and destructive. When I smack the negative thoughts in the face with a truth bomb the lies are exposed. Gove it a try, ask “is it true?” Create a case to defend it’s truth. If it’s not true then boldly walk the other way and don’t look back.

These are a few tools that help remind me of my worth. My remembrance and acknowledgment of my divine worth is essential to my courage and ability to move forward with faith in my life.

I am totally enough! If God made me, which He did I am more than enough!


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