What do you see in the mirror?

Back in this post I talked about the power of “I AM” statements. If you have zero idea what in the world I am talking about go give a look and learn something great and transformative.

OK, I know being like Christ can seem overwhelming and impossible BUT it is not! I am going to share a secret with you that can totally transform you! YOU READY?????



Hopefully you have been practicing your “I am statements” if you haven’t you can start now:) Today is never too late to start something good.

We learn in the book of mormon that it “by Small and simple thing that great things come to pass.” We don’t need to get stressed about doing massive hard things but rather incorporate small helpful habits into our lives that remind us of our potential and awesomeness.

I would like you to ask yourself do I feel any different? Am I starting to see myself through God’s eyes? Am I remembering who I am?


Next time you look in the mirror I want to challenge you to see a characteristic of yours…

Maybe your thinking “say, what???”

Let me explain…

I look in the mirror and maybe start looking at my face or check to see if there is any broccoli in my teeth (got to get rid of the broccoli) then I want to train myself to STOP!

Take a breath and ask myself

“What Christlike characteristic did I show today in my actions?”

Perhaps I have to think for a moment {{{{{{{THINKING}}}}}}}}

I was :

DILIGENT today as I remembered to read my scriptures

KIND when I went out my way to chat with someone who looked sad and alone

THOUGHTFUL when I helped in the kitchen after breakfast

As we train ourselves to see the Christlike characteristics that we are developing we will have more confidence and energy to keep trying. We will realize we are actually becoming like Jesus.

Now, I am not saying don’t care about your appearance but rather don’t make your appearance the most important thing. You see, one day, you will get older, have wrinkles and look…well…different. If you have cared so so so deeply about your outer shell you might feel very empty and lost on the inside.

Let’s avoid having that happen by being filled with Christlike characteristics!

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