The best yoga pose in my opinion

The best best yoga pose in my opinion is the one and only child’s pose. Yes you heard me, child’s pose is the best yoga pose. The reason why child’s pose is the best is because it is always nourishing to the body.

At any point in a day you can pop on the floor and get into a child’s pose and you will release tension in your entire body, soften you heart and lengthen your spine. These benefits feel amazing.

When you have been at a desk all day and feel you shoulders screaming get into the best yoga pose and let it go for a moment.

If you have been nursing your little darling baby all day a child’s pose will feel like a heaven sent blessing to your body.

Have you been on your feet all day; running from class to class to work? Yes! Then a child’s pose will ground you and provide stability.

Are you stressing over life challenges? Stop dwelling on negativity and get your butt on the floor and go to child’s pose because it is the best yoga pose. Being in child’s pose will give you mind and body a little break and sometimes a little break is exactly what you need.

This tutorial will show you a few different ways to do a child’s pose – the best yoga pose!!! Tell me what you think the best yoga pose is. Do you agree or disagree?

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