Breathing in dance- why it’s so important

Breathing in dance needs to addressed and why it’s so important. Learning to breathe in dance will transform your dance experience.

If you don’t breath with intention you will tire fast, loose power, start compensating and HURT yourself! Who wants that? Not me, not you!

Yes of course you are breathing because otherwise you would be dead. Most likely you are not breathing with intention and the purpose to fuel your muscles and brain.

Perhaps, you are aware that you are not breathing in dance and want to do a better job. How you can develop that habit you ask? Look no further!

Breathing in dance



Acknowledge that you are not breathing with intention in dance. Open your eyes and see the lack of oxygen you are offering your body during intense, challenging, tiring movement is not sufficient enough.

Think of a car running on an empty gas tank; it isn’t going to go far. Even if you fill your car up with new gas constantly running it to empty will have a long term negative impact on the car.

Your body is NO DIFFERENT! Your body NEEDS oxygen. Lots of it. Yes, it can exist with you not being purposeful but if you start focusing on developing the habit of breathing with purpose you will reap many benefits. Your body will transform.


Before you start dancing take a minute, 1 little, tiny minute and focus on breath. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.Close your eyes and just focus on letting your lungs and belly expand and contract.

A moment of solely focusing on your breathing will make you even more aware of whats happening within you. You will feel good and prepare your body to be more focused on fueling your body with oxygen.

Take a look at this post on breathing in yoga and enjoy the simple steps to becoming more comfortable with focused breathing. You can also do this meditation that will help you breathe with intention. You will feel calm and peaceful.


Exhaling is where all the power is. Exhale when you’re moving in the most challenging ways. Maybe you don’t know what in the world that means… I will enlighten you.

Say you are doing a deep plie in second position. Your feet are about 3 feet apart from each other. You bend your knees sending them to the side attempting to get your hips level with your knees. Then straighten them and return to the beginning position.

What is the hardest part of this move? Can you guess?

Let’s look a little closer. Going down gravity will help you but pushing out of the plie and returning to standing you are going against gravity. Coming out of the plie is the hardest part. This is where you will focus your exhale.

You exhale your breathe as you come up out of the plie. Normally, anytime you are working against gravity your body will be working harder and put under more pressure. That is the time you will want to exhale.


Yes you read that right. Breathe loud sweetie. You might feel kind of ridiculous but if you are breathing loudly you are more likely to continue breathing. Being loud is obvious so when you stop breathing you will recognize it.

Start training yourself to breathe loudly and it will be so much easier to maintain that type of breathing because the sheer volume will remind you to continue to breathe.

Perhaps you are worried what people will think… First if you are on your own only you care and even if it feels weird you can change your own perception of that.

If you are in a class just think if fueling your body with purposeful breathe will enhance and empower your movement then people will be paying more attention to that and not your loud exhales…


Have I convinced you to be more purposeful with your breathing? I hope I have enough for you to give it a try. Honestly, it will not take long for you to reap the benefits of dancing with muscles that are fueled with awesome energy from oxygen.

Enjoy this video where I show you ways to breathe when dancing and then TRY it!!!!!

Want a good laugh about breathing like Darth Vader… it will definitely not help you in your dancing but will give you a good belly laugh check THIS out!

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