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Do you ever have negative thoughts? I do! While the power of our mind is incredible if we feed the negative thoughts we loose our power. I am thrilled to share the one thing that might totally change the thoughts you choose to feed and believe. WHAT TO DO WITH A NEGATIVE THOUGHT? The most […]

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Past feeling????

So I am a bit of an emotional mess! Seriously, I was to hide in a hole and have an old maid turn up and take care of everything (not quite sure why the maid is old…) My kids start a new school tomorrow and I tore my achilles (I think, it hurts A LOT) […]

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Covenanting with God

My youngest turned 8 years old and in the religion we belong to it is GREAT TO BE 8! Because 8 is the age you can get baptized. In scripture we learn that * is the age of accountability: Doctrine and Covenants 68:27  And their children shall be abaptized  for the bremissionof their sins when ceight years old, and […]

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