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The best yoga pose in my opinion

The best best yoga pose in my opinion is the one and only child’s pose. Yes you heard me, child’s pose is the best yoga pose. The reason why child’s pose is the best is because it is always nourishing to the body. At any point in a day you can pop on the floor […]

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How to do the CUPID SHUFFLE tutorial

Want to learn how to do the Cupid Shuffle? It is so easy and fun!! At weddings, parties, proms and homecomings the Cupid Shuffle is always played. I love a good party dance song that includes everyone. The Cupid Shuffle is the perfect reason to get off your bottom and take to the dance floor. […]

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Want beautiful pointed toes?

Do you want more beautiful pointed toes? Pointed toes that don’t cramp? Ugh, I hate foot cramps!! There is a magic tool that truly will help you SOOOO much in strengthening you entire foot. It will increase your point and reduce the muscle cramping that can often be associated with pointing toes. In dance, beautiful […]

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