Colmar, France

This place was a bit of a pickle to get around in a large vehicle i.e a caravan – our chosen transportation. There were some stressful moment associated with navigating tiny cobbled roads and pedestrians everywhere but alas we found a spot and started exploring.

My Colmar favorites:

  • The cobbled streets; it reminded me of England and I wondered how many people had walked on them and the thousands, perhaps millions of life stories that had walked the town.
  • Tudor style houses; they were and looked SO OLD! Some even looked like they might fall down if a big bad wolf started huffing and puffing.
  • The pastel colors; they really know how to add some color to the landscape. I think I saw houses in almost every pastel shade.
  • My locally designed and made apron; we were walking past this darling store and outside on the mannequin was a blue and white apron and I instantly wanted it.
  • Dried mango; there were quite a lot of dried fruit stores and the mango was top notch
  • Missionaries; I spotted some missionaries from our church and started chatting with them. I love that where every I go in the world the gospel is always bringing people together and building unity
  • The flowers! Need I say more…?



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