COME FOLLOW ME -Cry unto the Lord like Nephi

It is a new year which means we are reading and studying and pondering over a new book of Scripture for the Come follow me program created by The Chuch Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints. The book of scripture we are studying in is the Book of Mormon another testament of Jesus Christ. I am so excited!

Each Saturday on my podcast “JESSICA STORIES” (found on all podcast directories) I will have a short sabbath day preparation focused on one scripture taken from the weeks Come follow me program reading.

The scripture in the Book of Mormon that I wanted to share with you today is a scripture in first Nephi chapter 2. In this chapter, we are learning about the great things that Nephi has been taught by Lehi. Lehi, Nephi’s father received in a dream the things of God that are very magnificent and marvelous. His dream taught him about the love of God.

From this week’s study, from the come follow me program I want to share with you the scripture 1 Nephi 2:16. Let’s take a moment just to discuss the points that are interesting and enlightening. The scripture says

“And it came to pass that I Nephi being exceedingly young nevertheless being large in stature and also having great desires to know the mysteries of God wherefore I did cry unto the Lord and behold he did visit me and it softened my heart and I did believe all the words which had been spoken by my father wherefore I did not rebel against him like unto my brothers”

This is the scripture that spoke to me as I studied these passages this last week. First off, Nephi recognizes he is young, right? He is young in years, he’s not been on earth very long, he’s not had all the experiences that his father Lehi has had. All of Lehi’s experiences have built his trust with God; Nephi recognizes that!

The fact that Lehi has built a relationship of trust with God and Nephi recognizes it is super crucial and amazing! I think we can learn a lot from Nephi’s desire to learn from his father because sometimes we get into this place of “well, even if I don’t know everything I’m not gonna listen to you!”

Nephi is different, Nephi is humble. He’s kind of saying, “I’m young, I might be really big and strong physically but I’m young in life but I have this great desire to know the mysteries of God”. Then comes my favorite part. He does something with that desire; he cries unto the Lord. He doesn’t say a quick three-second prayer or maybe even a three-minute. No, he cries unto the Lord.

What does it mean to cry unto the Lord? Can you think of times when you physically have cried? Crying often takes up a little bit of time. Crying means you feel moved, your emotions come up and they take over you in that moment. Nephi is taking time to allow his whole being to be focused on drawing upon God’s power and showing Him his willingness.

It is while Nephi is crying and showing his desire that it says that God visited him. How awesome is that? Nephi tells us God visits him. It doesn’t say how God visited him, maybe he visited him through a feeling, through clarity of mind, maybe he did have a vision just like his dad. Maybe he felt his heart fill up with peace and comfort but regardless God visited him.

As God visited Nephi we learn that a result of this experience is Nephi’s heart is softened. I see this beautiful blessing of having a “softened heart” as critical in preparing Nephi for future obstacles. The Lord is going to ask a lot of Nephi; leaving Jerusalem and then returning to get the plates, building a boat, sailing to a different land; the land of promise. It will require a soft heart to continue to obey God because most of the things that God asks Nephi to do require him to be humble.

This is the same for you and me. We will need a soft heart gained through humility. Being humble means facing our fears and knowing God is at our side. We have to pierce the barrier of the fear zone to find learning and growth on the other side.

I desire to be like Nephi, I desire to know the mysteries of God. I desire to develop that inkling within me. I can do this by crying unto the Lord and allowing Him to soften my heart. Jesus said “come follow me, take my yoke upon you and you shall rest from your labors” if we choose to walk Jesus we will receive soft hearts and through humility come to know some of the mysteries of God.

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