The True Confidence Course

The True Confidence Course

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A Christian confidence course designed to help you grow confidence in a lasting source. When you focus your efforts on growing confidence in God you will see yourself differently and achieve your desires.

This course has video classes teaching 6 steps that help you grow your confidence in God. Worksheets with journal prompts, action points, and quotes. There are meditations for each step and tons of encouragement through stories and analogies.
This course is designed to take up to 6 weeks but you can do it as fast as your desire.
Because your confidence in God will only grow if you do the work I offer everyone a FREE buddy pass so you can work through the course together. This way you have an accountability partner; someone to discuss the steps with. You could do it with your sister or daughter and it would deepen your relationship.

What to expect

  •  Each class will take 20 – 30 minutes depending on how much time you take to ponder and journal​
  • ​The classes teach principles and concepts that help you identify obstacle that are preventing you from clearly hearing the word of the Lord in your life
  • ​The classes are a combination of personal stories, journalling questions, effective frameworks, scripture references and quotes from general conference
  • ​The purpose of these classes are to help you ponder and reflect on what you actually have control over – YOUR THOUGHTS
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