Covenanting with God

My youngest turned 8 years old and in the religion we belong to it is GREAT TO BE 8! Because 8 is the age you can get baptized. In scripture we learn that * is the age of accountability:

Doctrine and Covenants 68:27 

And their children shall be abaptized 

for the bremissionof their sins

when ceight years old,

and receive the laying on of the hands.



Lucas chose to be baptized. Of course that’s the choice I wanted him to make but it was and is really important for me to teach correct principles and doctrine and then encourage my children to seek for truth and make their own decisions.

Lucas was chatting quite a lot about his up coming baptism and the closer we got to it he would ask in his prayers that he wouldn’t get nervous. I love that his testimony is so pure and rooted in truth; God will and does help us when we need Him.


Highlights from the Baptism day:

  1. Having lots of family in town to celebrate such a special occasion
  2. Watching Lucas get ready; carefully doing his hair, making sure his tie pin was in the right spot and taking through the order of the baptism.
  3. Watching Lucas follow Ben into the bathroom to get dressed in their white clothes. I could tell he was nervous because he had gone very quiet.
  4. Watching Lucas listen intently to the talks and gently nodding his head in agreement with the speakers.
  5. Seeing that Heavenly Father loves all His children so much and helps them succeed. Josh was really nervous about playing the piano to Jack’s song. He was in tears moments before the meeting began but because pops and his mom listened to the promptings of the holy ghost and others  sent silent prayers to heaven their song was beautiful and Josh did the best he had ever played. After Jack went over to him and put his arm around him and they walked back to their seats.
  6. Looking around and seeing people dear to us and Lucas support us.
  7. Having 2 of the 8 non members attend was so fulfilling to share something so special with them.
  8. My brothers talk was so great! I could tell that Lucas was listening and engaged. He talked about the holy ghost being like a pair of glasses because it clarifies what we see. He was funny, interesting and invited the spirit. I was so thankful to have him there and for Lucas to be influenced by his example.
  9. The baptism it’s self! Every time I watch someone get baptized my heart is filled with confirmation that they just covenanted with God and that He is pleased and has great blessing in store for them. This time was no different. Lucas looked so pure and ready to get baptized and his practicing paid off because he went fully under first time. When he came up he was beaming.
  10. While Lucas was getting dry and changed everyone wrote their testimonies down for him. I was amazed that everyone did it! They took the time to write thoughtful testimonies that he can keep and treasure forever.
  11. I think my FAVORITE part of the whole day was witnessing the confirmation. Watching all the worthy priesthood holders from our families walk up and participate in this monumental ordinance made my mothers heart soar. The holy ghost is hands down the BEST gift I have EVER received. I am so excited for Lucas to learn how the spirit talks to him and for his confidence in God grow.
  12. Ben gave a beautiful blessing, there are not words to describe my gratitude for him and the person he is and the way he honors his priesthood. Lucas was blessed to be a peacemaker to be instrumental in the creating a powerful brotherhood with Jack. He was blessed to go on a mission and serve others and follow Christs example.


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