This class is the longest and will challenge you. It will make you sweat and engage your core in glorious ways. Make sure as you flow through it you listen to your body and ALWAYS choose quality over speed and quantity.

At any point if your technique is off take a break, refocus your efforts on breathing and then return to the flow. Don’t even worry about pressing pause. Just pop back into the flow when your body is ready.


This flow will certainly center you, help you be present and feel the feeling that are inside of you. Allow those feelings to be present and focus on deeply breathing.

Pay attention to the dialogues that weave in and out of your mind. Notice if they are helpful or hurtful. Recognize them and let them float on by. Each time you find your thoughts taking center stage in your mind return to focusing on breathing.

At the end you can stay in Shavasana for as long as you need to be there. As you come out of your relaxed state take your time and coming out of a laying down position by keeping your eyes closed or gaze downward.


This is the perfect fast flow to get you heart rate up and fit in when you have limited time.

Make sure you pay attention to the placing of your feet in the warrior poses. Always aim to get your knee in line with your ankle. The deeper the bend the more power you will gain.

This flow also challenges balance on many levels. I you start feeling too wobbly take a moment to regulate your breathing and re-center yourself.

I believe these classes will help you feel more centered and peaceful in your daily life PLUS it will increase your flexibility and strength.


First things first– in order to be successful and these classes to evoke change within you take a moment and decide when you are going to practice. Many studies have PROVEN that if you plan and schedule something you want to do you are more likely to actually do it.

For me everyday is a little different. Some days I exercise in the morning first thing and other days it is later on. What helps me be successful in actually doing it sitting down on Sunday (or whatever day that works for you) and look at my week. I then schedule the specific time I will workout into my google calendar (I LOVE google). Each night I look over my calendar for the next day and make sure I know exactly when I will workout.

Figure out what will work for you:)


OPPOSITION! Life is filled with opposition in all things soooo expect it to be there because it will. Plan for how you will respond to the opposition and don’t be surprised by it. Envision you being too tired to do yoga, or not having an ideal space to do it in, or whatever other excuses you might have. Decide today how you will respond when you are face to face with the opposition.


Choose an amount of time that is totally attainable for you to achieve. You need to make the habit attractive and easy to do. Too often we develop complicated and unrealistic goals that we give up and admit defeat quickly.