I feel numb…What does that mean?

Do you ever feel numb? Find yourself saying “I’m fine” or “I’m okay” when you don’t feel that way? Instead, you find yourself feeling numb?

If you are nodding your head and feel like I am speaking right to you I have some tools that will help you move from numb to being more alive.

Numb is defined by the oxford dictionary as deprived of sensation or responsiveness. When I have found myself saying I was fine (which ironically means hight quality) I have felt numb or some other uncomfortable feeling with a lower vibration.


Have you ever said that and not meant it?????

When I was in the depths of my depression I found myself saying “I’m fine” alllllllll the time.

I wrote a song about this, here’s the chorus-

I’m fine 
So fine
Give me a moment 
And I will be fine 

It’s all about the idea that I wanted to be fine but need to have a moment to stuff down feelings, to ignore what is actually happening inside of me and, to perform this version of “fine” to help other people feel comfortable… while I slowly turned into a numb, less alive version of myself.  

Fine isn’t a feeling friends!

When you say “I’m fine” you are actually giving yourself zero information about how you really feel. The truth is you are disconnecting from your feelings.

Are you resisting or avoiding being present with a feeling?
Some red flags for this are-

*Saying “I’m fine” or “I’m ok” all the time and not meaning it

*Feeling numb a lot

*Experiencing the same feeling over and over again

*Saying “this is just so hard”or “I can’t do this” all the time

*Resisting or avoiding certain situations or people

*Confused about how you actually feel

*Intent on controlling aspects of your life

Avoiding feelings we don’t want to have is totally a part of being human; YOU’RE NORMAL! 

If you keep avoiding and resisting uncomfortable feelings you are going to experience the same pain and suffering over and over again.

This path is one of slooooooooow progression. 

If you are feeling numb, saying you’re FINE when you are not I encourage you to make some changes. Pay attention to the feelings you’re resisting, the situations you are withdrawing from or avoiding and, have the courage to face the FEELING (you can use the feeling sheets which is inspired by Gloria Wilcox’s Feelings Wheel to help you find which feeling you are experiencing). 

A few ways to start identifying and processing feelings can be found in The Next Step Strategy Questions. These questions are designed to guide you to identify the specific situations you are emotionally stuck in and acknowledge the feeling you are resisting or not being present with and figure out what your next step is towards your desired feeling is.

Tune into Jessica Stories Podcast every Saturday for the clarity class to get more tools for emotional clarity and health.

Do you ever feel numb? Tools to feel something different.

Join the Next Step Strategy FaceBook group and receive even more ideas and training on how to implement emotional tools that will enhance your mental health.

Feeling numb every now and then is part of being a human being responding to life’s experiences but you don’t have to spend your whole life stuck in the feeling of numbness! There is so much more for you. You need the tools to develop emotional clarity, to identify your feelings, and choose your next step towards something better.

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