DON’T fake it till you make it!

Here’s the thing… DON’T FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT in dance and yoga.

The ideology may work for some things. But in dance and yoga it can result in injury, bad habits and poor alignment.

Dance and yoga are disciplines that require technique. Technique is something that is built upon as you in the words of Maria “start at the very beginning!” When I was in college I decided to take an Irish dance class. Being a dancer, I signed up for an intermediate class. Basically I skipped all the basic fundamental principles.

I faked it and guess what happened? I wasn’t good. Hadn’t started at the beginning to develop those important muscular pathways and technical specifics that could have given me the strength to perform with grace.

If you are going to fake something go ahead just don’t fake dance and yoga technique because you might end up hurting yourself. Faking technique can lead to developing bad habits that may take a lifetime to re-write.

Enjoy this video with more reasons not to fake it till you make it in dance and yoga-

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