What’s your emotional strategy?

The cycle of suppressing uncomfortable feelings and thoughts is not a sustainable emotional strategy.

I have learned these two important truths-

  • I cannot wait until the last moment to deal with the emotional problem 
  • It is the daily practices of recognizing and processing my feelings and thoughts that lead to more emotional clarity and the ability to express myself

It’s a lot like learning to swim.

If you want to learn how to swim you don’t just jump into a fast-moving river and practice. No, you would probably drown. Instead, you go to a swimming pool and take lessons. You practice in a controlled environment to build awareness, muscle memory, and strength to give the ability to save yourself if in a river or ocean.  

You need to start practicing emotional strategies today! Practice in a controlled environment when the stakes are not high. Start small. Practice when you are a little annoyed or irritated. Pay attention to what situations bring up those undesirable feelings.

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

Darren Hardy, The Compound Effect

If you want more control over your emotions the the daily emotional work is what will impact you the most. If you want better relationships with your family, more open communication then you need to practice it daily.  

James Clear said in his book Atomic Habits “Goals are good for setting a direction but systems are best for making progress.”  If you want more progress in your emotional health then you need a system to create that result. 

Do you have a system? Is it working?

Perhaps you want to feel more peace – fantastic! What is your system? Do you have a system or a strategy to help you achieve that goal? What are the daily steps you use to build emotional intelligence to achieve your goal? Just simply saying I want more peace in my life is not going to give to more peace. You need a system, you need a strategy!

If you don’t have a system to improve your emotional health I would love to share mine with you. I use my emotional system called The Next Step Strategy almost daily. This is a strategy that helps me anytime I feel emotionally stuck. It helps me navigate my emotions. I have a free webinar that will give you some really brilliant clear foundations of how you can start to better understand and identify your feelings.

Enjoy these podcast episodes that introduce principles of the next step strategy-

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