Positivity is POSSIBLE

Hi friends, How are you? How has quarantine treaded you? Are you over it? Tired of feeling down and dreary? Wonder where your spark has gone? Wishing you could shine bright again? You can!!!!! Positivity is possible even during COVID!

The question I LOOOVE to ask is – what is adding light to your life? Seriously? I’m always serious when I ask this question. WHAT IS ADDING LIGHT TO YOUR LIFE?

There are lots of things that are adding light to my life right now here are a few-  

  • Remembering to download podcasts because most of the time on this trip we have not had internet access or connection so it’s really important for me to download them so I can listen to them when I want to. 
  • Doing yoga when the Sun rises to gospel music has been a highlight, I just discovered gospel music and it’s amazing!!!!!  
  • Really going through the steps in my true confidence course; they have helped me so much because here’s the thing – I’ve had many opportunities lately to doubt myself, to question what I’m doing, to miss people and opportunities. I have had the privilege to go through the six steps of the true confidence course and every time it adds so much light to my life because I end up being less stuck. I actually end up with ideas and thoughts that propel me forward into who I want to become into making decisions that brighten, lighten and improve my life.

So, those are some things that have been adding light to my life.  If you personally have a hard time actually adding light to your life I get it, it’s one thing listening to what works for me but actually implementing it may be harder. 

If you want a little bit more one-on-one help with enjoying more light in your life then just go to thetrueconfidencecourse.com there is a free class, it’s about twenty-five minutes and it’s all about adding light to your life, about positive energy. You’ll learn how to specifically add light to your life because the thing is; we’re different! Positivity is truly possible is just starts with adding light to your life.

What adds light to my life is really different from what’s gonna add light to your life, to your mom’s life, to a husband’s life, to your friend’s life and your neighbor’s life.

We’re all different and God made us different for a reason and the thing is sometimes we copy each other and we’re like “oh, well she loves to do yoga so maybe I should love to do yoga…” but you hate doing yoga and then you’re like “maybe I’m just doing it wrong, maybe there is something wrong with me” but no!!! It’s just yoga doesn’t add light to your life or at least it doesn’t right now but there are totally things that will add light to your life!!!! 
You can find out what will add light and positivity into your life with this short 20-minute class because it will give you the tools to identify what those things are for you!!!! thetrueconfidencecourse.com Also, enjoy this article I wrote on overcoming negative thoughts– we can do this friends. We have to put in the work and effort but positive attitudes are in your reach.

Yes!! Positivity is possible!

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