Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What do you mean an interactive online community for dance and yoga???

With each video class that is posted you as a student are encouraged to ask questions. Questions about timing, rhythm, positioning, alignments, sore muscles etc, share ideas about what songs you love and want to dance to and what parts of your body are tight and need stretching and strengthening.  In the weekly live Q&A I will address those questions and design the classes to fit YOUR needs!

Your ideas and needs will mold our class.

Are the classes live? 

Nope! Each week two previously recorded videos will be published onto the private facebook group and will last there the entire length of the two month session.

What if I miss the LIVE Q&A will my question get answered?

Yes! The evening before I will post asking for questions and will address all questions I get the next day. Even if you are not around for the live you can re-watch it later and see your question answered.

How much will I be charged?

$20 upon sign up and then $20 again at the start of the next month. The whole Session is $40 in total.

Why do I have to have facebook?

All the interaction for this online private group will happen via a private facebook group so if you do not have Facebook you can not get access to that group.

How long will each class last?

Each class will last around 15 minutes


What will the classes teach?

In the dance class you will learn the steps to a dance (choreography) so by the end of the class you will know a whole dance!

I the yoga class you will learn a yoga flow which is a group of yoga movements linked together into a combination.

What happens after the two months?

After two months you would have learn’t 8 dances and 8 yoga flows, made new friends, have new skills and more confidence. If you LOVED the experience you can sign up for the next session which will begin in January.

Why just two months?

Two months is enough time to experience progress and growth but short enough to commit to.

Do I still have access to the courses?

You will have access to the course from when you sign up until December 1st when this session ends.

Can I purchase the classes?

Absolutely! Once the session is finished the weekly classes will be available for purchase for a discounted price for those who participated in the session.

Will it increase in difficulty the following next two months?

Right now the sessions will be geared towards the beginner but if there is an interest for it to increase in difficulty then that can totally happen. The great thing is this is an interactive community and the classes will be designed to those participating. The more you share and ask questions the more help and personal instruction you can receive.