Get off your butt and get outside

I live in this wonderful western world- we have SO much!

Seriously, so much we don’t even know what to do with it.

A large amount of us spend most of our days sitting at a desk, taping keys on a computer, sat in a car taxing children around or commuting.

SO much of our world happens inside something.

Now I am not saying we need to feel guilty about this or throw our hands in the air and drastically change our lives but I am saying –



get off your butt

and get outside today!”

I promise you it will be worth it. It will ground you. It will remind you that you have amazing senses and that they keep you alive and alert. You may even be surprised by what you feel or what you see or what you touch or what you hear. Truly it sounds cliché but the options are endless

It is a SMALL and extremely simple thing


it absolutely might be the very thing you need to shift the energy or focus of your day.

Today we got off our butts and took a family bike ride up to the lake near our house and it was totally worth it. Lucas even rolled up his pants and wadded in the water – SEE THE POSSIBILITIES!


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