God is speaking, What is He saying to you?

God is speaking, are you listening? Several months ago I received some personal revelation from God that He wanted me to learn how to speak Spanish. This was alarming for me and brought up a lot of feelings of insecurity and humiliation. I had a long list of reasons why I simply couldn’t learn Spanish, why I would fail and then something shifted. I developed a desire.

All of a sudden I wanted to start learning Spanish even though I am utterly terrible at it. What changed? My desire. I now knew that the call to learn Spanish was directly from God and I have a desire to do the things God asks of me. 

Trusting that God wants me to learn Spanish has led me to

  • Read Spanish signs when I’m in the grocery store
  • Listen to the information and directions Ben gives me about how to pronounce things in Spanish 
  • Telling friends that I’m learning Spanish 
  • Learning the alphabet in Spanish
  • Singing hymns in Spanish
  • Taking classes in Spanish
  • Listening to podcasts in Spanish

Desire + Effort = Different Results

I am doing all these things out of choice because I want to be obedient to that which God is compelling me to do. My life experience has proved to me that the best growth comes from following the prompting of God. God has asked me to learn Spanish and I believe He has a purpose as to why. 

I am not the first person God has asked to do something I am not good at

Jesus said to some fisherman “come up to me and I will make you become Fishers of men.” They already had a job, they were fishermen and yet He invited them to do something that was better but probably felt really uncomfortable… Similar to my invitation to learn Spanish. 

Think of Joan of Arc. She was a young girl living in France out in the countryside, happy doing her thing being a quiet kid. God spoke to her and asked her to help France become free from Britain. She could have said no but she knew the source of the power compelling her to do good, it was God. It is recorded that she said the first time she realized what God was asking her to do she was very much afraid. I can relate in a small way.

I am afraid of learning Spanish

I couldn’t learn how to count to 10 in Spanish while on a 9-hour road trip! Honestly, how humiliating? This feels really uncomfortable. The truth is, I am being compelled by God to try and because of that, I will try harder than ever before. For whatever reason (perhaps only known to God right now) learning how to Speak Spanish will help me grow and learn important lessons that I need. 

Feeling the spiritual push to learn Spanish is honestly probably one of the most uncomfortable I am being asked to do and last year was filled with uncomfortable things. I went to the Amazon rainforest, swam in caiman infested water, rappelling down really cold, tall waterfalls, dealt with big scary bugs and yet learning Spanish is the scariest. 

I am pretty certain using the next step strategy has been vital in preparing my mind and heart to stop being stuck with this inability to learn Spanish. Remember I have had ample opportunities and each time got stuck. This time I had a desire and have been able to find my next step each time I get stuck, discouraged, or confused. 

The next step strategy is helping me move forward

Last week, I was feeling frustrated because the lesson I had taken 5 times was not sticking. After a few days of feeling emotionally stuck, I used the Next Step Strategy and BOOM discovered my next step –  buy a Spanish church hymnbook so I can start singing the songs in Spanish. This next step has propelled me forward and helped me progress in small ways towards my goal of learning Spanish.  

Invite God to help you, one step at a time

The amazing part is Heavenly Father knows when you are emotionally stuck, He also knows what your next step needs to be. Define your next step. All you need is a baby, tiny step, and courage to then act on it! You don’t need to know the next 20 steps, you just to know the next step.

There are areas in your life that you need you next step in. Don’t stay stuck!

Go and download for free the Next Step Strategy Questions to work through the specific situation you are feeling stuck in.

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