HIRE ME TO SPEAK and teach!

I am incredibly passionate about people loving themselves! Seriously, this is something I work on daily for myself. I believe God made each of us and as we embrace our unique abilities and view of the world we grow in confidence and beauty.

I also LOVE dance and yoga. Imagine that! I love taking my expertise in dance and yoga combine it with my love of developing self love and motivate groups of young people.

Pre-teens and teens are so impressionable. I love being one of the people that excite them and help them ignite an understanding of who they are and the power within themselves to be the become the best version of themselves.

I can speak to

  • pre-teens
  • teens
  • school groups
  • theatre groups
  • church groups
  • local community groups
  • small to large groups
  • at conferences

When I do speaking events I tell hilarious stories about my goat and embarrassing stories that make you giggle uncontrollably. I challenge you to be still and focus on breathing. I help you understand what some of your bodies cues are when you are feeling are stressed, anxious or lonely.

Through easy movement flows I help you start to overcome or recognize some false beliefs and how adding movement to difficult movements can actually aid in getting through it in a healthy manner and building courage.

We talking about the power of your body and mind and how they are interconnected. By demonstrating different dance and yoga techniques I apply these techniques to life. So when you do them not only are you training your body you have created a life lesson that will be running through your mind.

Want to get an idea of what I sound like and the type of stories I tell check out my podcast.


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