How to do the CUPID SHUFFLE tutorial

Want to learn how to do the Cupid Shuffle? It is so easy and fun!!

At weddings, parties, proms and homecomings the Cupid Shuffle is always played. I love a good party dance song that includes everyone. The Cupid Shuffle is the perfect reason to get off your bottom and take to the dance floor.

In the following tutorial you will learn the easy and fun dance steps to the Cupid Shuffle. The most important aspects to the cupid shuffle is to make it your own and have fun. As long as you are going in the same direction as everyone else you can do what you want!

The choreography is –

  1. Step together x 4 to the right  (4 counts)
  2. Then step together x 4 to the left (4 counts)
  3. Step right left heel forward, step left, right heel forward x 2 (4 counts)
  4. Funky walk turning to the left side (4 counts)

Total choreography is 16 counts. Repeat over and over turning a quarter of a turn each time to the left.


The awesome music video-



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