How to increase your spine flexibility

Want to increase your spine flexibility? Wish you weren’t so tight all the time? I have a few super simple tips that will make your spine happy.

Your spine is amazing but most likely you are not treating it well. Most people abuse their spine by demanding so much of it during the day and don’t offer it relief. Over time this compresses your spine and reduces it flexibility making it stiff.

If any of this resonates withy you look no further and let me show you how to increase your spine flexibility.

In the following video I show several ways which will increase your spine flexibility using three different props.

I use;

The bloster is amazing to increase you spine flexibility in a gentle, comfortable way. If you lay on it and allow you shoulders to give into gravity you will feel increased length in your spine, shoulders and heart area. The blanket and yoga block used in the same manner encourage your spine to stretch in deeper ways.

It is very normal to experience an emotional reaction to increasing your spine flexibility because often a lot of emotions can get stuck in that part of our body. These stretches target opening and expanding that area which will expose any emotions that were trapped.

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