Do you ever have negative thoughts? I do! While the power of our mind is incredible if we feed the negative thoughts we loose our power. I am thrilled to share the one thing that might totally change the thoughts you choose to feed and believe.


The most important thing to do with a negative thought is RECOGNIZE it for what it is. Sometimes we have created negative habits where we allow our mind to say hurtful, negative thoughts and until we start to recognize them we can not overcome them.

Once you have recognized that you are having a negative thought determine it’s origin. This is SO IMPORTANT!!!!

In order to find the source you need to realize who you are… You are a child of God! We learn in Genesis that God created us. We are the creation of a God! First off; thats amazing!!! Second, God wants to give us eternal life, He wants to inspire, uplift, remind, energize us in following Jesus Christ.

overcoming negative thoughts

Ask yourself “would my loving Heavenly Father say ‘you’re so stupid!’ ‘you should just give up!'” NO, NO, NO He would not talk to his creation that way. When you remember that you are a child of God and that He wouldn’t plant negative thoughts in your mind you can be sure of the source; the devil.

Once you know that those hurtful, unkind negative thoughts do not come from your creator you have permission to ignore them and remember your divine identity. As you remember who you are you will be able to shift your energy onto receiving grace through the atonement of Jesus Christ. Allowing Christ to support you, to take your weaknesses and mold them into something stronger than you knew possible.


I created this video to help remind you and me of who we are and who created us! It also clarifies where those hurtful, unkind thoughts come from. I hope you find it helpful and uplifting.

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