How to prepare for a dance performance


Need tips to help you prepare for a dance performance? I have got you covered!!!! {Video at the end}

I know how dance performances can seem stressful so I have put together 10 tips to help you feel totally prepared for your dance performance. Stop stressing and follow each tip and see how great your dance performance turns out.


10 ways to prepare for a dance performance

1- You have to practice! I know thats obvious but seriously if you don’t put in the practice you will not be happy with the performance. You practice will transform your dance performance.

2- Video yourself now! Videoing will help you see what you are doing well and what you need to work on. Don’t listen to any negative self talk as you watch yourself purely use the video as a tool to help you prepare for the dance performance

3- Make it your own by using a different medium to internalize the movement- speak it, write it, draw it. By doing this you are teaching your brain to take care of the dance movements.

4- Teach someone the moves and be amazed at how much you remember it. To prepare for your dance performance you must take a moment and teach it because this step will boost your confidence!

5- Dance with full energy to increase your cardiovascular abilities. If you have only danced 60% then you will loose steam and tire during your performance.

6- Slow it down and really see if you know every single step and count. This step is one you might be tempted to skip but don’t!!! It will really help you identify which parts you are unsure of.

7- What is your face doing? Make sure your face is engaged and enjoyable to watch too! If your supposed to be smiling your face should be tired from smiling:)

8- Take away the mirror! When you perform there will not be a mirror. Once you really know the dance stop dancing in front of the mirror because it will no longer assist you in preparing for your dance.

9- Wear your performance clothes and get used to dancing in them. This will help you recognize any adjustments that need to be made.

10- Have fun! At the end of the day that’s what it’s all about. Once you have put in the work try to switch off the nerves and trust your body.


The most important aspect of preparing for a dance performance is actually following through and performing. Even if you don’t feel totally ready you will learn so much from actually performing.


After your performance focus on everything that was positive and then choose just one thing to work on for the next performance. With each performance give yourself the chance to grow and become better. Set yourself achievable goals, put in the work by preparing for your dance performance and then give yourself grace!


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