“It is so weird when someone has a word or saying tattooed on their skin” My husband commented one day. I totally get why someone would do it. What a direct way to remind yourself of a truth that perhaps you struggle with. I would do it but I don’t do tattoos.

I wanted my own version of truthful reminders close to my skin that could frequently remind me to be better. I decided to go with gold bracelets. So far I have two bracelets with two powerful reminders.

1️⃣ REGULATE. This reminder was inspired by our therapist (everyone should pay someone to listen to them). She encouraged my husband and I to REGULATE ourselves before responding to difficult parenting situations. Choose to regulate myself before I react to others. After she had suggested this I would think about regulating myself after a difficult situation. I decided is a wore it on my wrist I would see is constantly through out the day and have better chances of success – hence why I got the bracelet.

2️⃣SHINE YOUR HEART. I firmly believe one of my purposes is to SHINE. I have always been attracted to elements in nature that shine, to people who shine and God. I got a bracelet with this on it to remind of my purpose. Seeing this word reignites my desire to always shine from my heart.

What words would you want on your body or close to your body to remind you to be better?

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