Have you wondered how to improve turnout?  Do you want more strength in turnout? Are you fed of always feeling weak in turn out. I you tired of your lack of turnout technique holding you back?


Poor turn out technique will definitely hold you back as you strive to progress in your dancing. When you improve your turnout your dancing will improve and you will reduce injury. You will also have more power and endurance as you utilize the correct muscles to support your movement.

Guess what? I care about you and your turnout, I want you to move with power and safety. Your turnout will not improve overnight but with consistency, it will improve! Let me help you gradually transform your body’s ability to develop habits and strength in a turnout.


This video is  just for you so you can start today teaching your amazing body how to love turnout. It is 24 mins long which may be TOO LONG for you. If that is the case just start with 5- 10 mins and progressively build up to the entire video. Once you can do the entire video decided how many times a week you will do it and then see your progress.

The more often you do this video the more practice your body will get in turnout. More practice you get in turnout you will develop the muscular pathways that are needed to successfully dance in a turnout.

If you feel discouraged initially take a moment and focus on how amazing your body it and just focus on that. Remember your mind is so powerful if you think you can’t do it that will be your reality. When you believe you can do it and focus on how glorious your body it will surprise you in amazing ways.


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