I hope you enjoyed this intermediate tap tutorial – Heel, spank. toe, heel. Wow— that was a mouthful! It’s also called a paddle roll 😂

This move is definitely more intermediate than most of my other tutorials but heres the thing – If you take it slow and learn it by being consistent it will improve your tap dancing skills tremendously.

I mean it! Just put in a little practice each day and give it a try and watch how the other moves feel so much easier.

Here is the break down –

Left leg is your standing, supporting leg. Have a slight bend in that knee ALWAYS. The bend will help your balance and strengthen your legs by building the stamina to help you progress.

Right foot digs the Heel into the ground in front with a generous bend in the right knee. This generous bend is essential to help you achieve the next step – the spank! Haha! Such a silly name but you are basically spanking the .

To spank the floor you strike the right toe into the floor as you bring the right leg towards your body.

After the spank you dig the toe tap into the floor next the right standing leg followed by dropping the right heel into the ground shifting your weight to the right side now.

Then, DRUM ROLLL please^^^^^^^^^ You repeat it on the other side.

In this exercise I do the “heel, spank, toe, heel” 3 times; with the right leg, left leg and then right leg followed by a stomp on the left.

The biggest mistakes I see people do when they try this move is-

  1. Dance with straight knees; you need to bend your knees and probably a lot more than you think you need to. The bend creates space for you to quickly lift and move your feet around.
  2. Weight in the heels – Except for when you are digging your heel into the floor your weight needs to rest in your toes the majority of the time. This can feel exhausting but when you train yourself to do that you will develop the muscular pathways that are needed to tap with strength and endurance.


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