This week in the Come follow me, a program by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we have been reading in 1 Nephi chapters 11-15. 

The thought I wanted to share today comes from 1 Nephi chapter 15. After Nephi has been carried away in the spirit He comes to himself and gathers strength to talk to his brothers. 

Nephi’s brethren say they don’t understand. This is not unusual, there are many things that we don’t know. It’s ok to not understand but it’s what we do after not knowing. 

When we don’t understand we need to ask ourselves the same question Nephi asked his brothers “Have ye inquired of the Lord?”


Remember back in December when I put on the Christmas flash mob? Well, I learned a great lesson. Things didn’t go the way I had planned but through God’s way of teaching me line upon line it turned out exactly what it needed to be. 

As you listen to today’s episode I would LOVE to learn how you have learned valuable lessons line upon line. Would you take a moment and share your thoughts?


This week in the come follow me program we have been reading a lot about Nephi’s spiritual growth. 

This time as I read through Nephi’s personal experience with his father’s dream the mist of darkness really stood out to me. 

Before the mist of darkness always seemed like sinful temptations but this time it made me think of it as a mist of discouragement. When we are surrounded by discouragement it’s easy to want to give up or wander off. 

I would love to hear if you have ever thought of the mist of darkness as the suffocating influence of discouragement?



We all are longing to belong, we are wired that way. God made us with the desire to belong. Unfortunately, many of us have thought that we can’t belong because we have followed the path of trying to fit in. 

Truth is fitting in is a lie and will never work. 

To achieve the sense of belonging we must accept ourselves, others and ultimately God. In this episode I will share tangible ways you can start doing in your life.




Too many of us get stuck in a place where we want to change who we are to fit into some invisible space. Truth is we are not made to fit we were made to expand in a place of belonging. 

We can belong, we much belong but we only get to belonging when we move through acceptance. Acceptance of self, others and God.

Acceptance leads to belonging and belonging leads to expanding into a better version of yourself. 


I hope amid all the Christmas celebrations you will find time to remember the reason for the season. 

Jesus is our Savior, Lord and Redeemer. He was born to Mary in a lowly stable. As we receive and give gifts perhaps take a moment to reflect upon the ultimate Gift of Jesus Christ.


I LOOOOOOOVE Christmas but not all Christmas traditions. As I have grown in life I have been particular about what Christmas traditions I will continue to practice and which one I will let go of. 

Traditions have great power to bring people together and amplify goodness but sometimes they just create stress and chaos. I am grateful that I have learned this lesson.

Want to know which traditions serve me and bless my Christmas season????

Enjoy this episode. I would love to know which Christmas traditions serve you:)


After several years of painful experiences of trying to get my family to take the typical beautiful family pictures I decided I needed to try something else.

I thought what could we do that we would all love? I wanted awesome photos that were associated with great experiences. The idea of creating our own AWKWARD family photos was born. 

For the past 6 years we have been creating memorable Christmas cards and experiences that make the whole family and many others happy. 

Wanna hear the whole story?


I LOVE the concept taught in 1st John chapter 1. The concept of LIGHT; God is light. 

I am so grateful for the counsel taught in this chapter. If we are seeking for LIGHT we will come to know God and develop a relationship with Him and then utilize the amazing gift of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 


Have you ever wanted to be a part of a Christmas flash mob??

If you live in Colorado I would LOOOOVVVEEEE you to join me in a Christmas flash mob.

In todays episode I share with you the stories behind the three flash mobs I have created. 

You will see how God has led me and I encourage you to reflect on how God is leading you? What projects or tasks is God trusting you with?


Enjoy this episode about reflection and gratitude! I am so thrilled about how far I have come and the seasons of life and how they have transformed me.

What season are you in? 


James reminds us the power we have in the word we choose to say. 

Our words have power to literally destroy and impact for negative just as fire can destroy that which it burns. 

How will you use your words? To destroy or to uplift and empower?


In this episode we traveled across Europe and explored and embraced amazing cultures and my kids favorite thing was so unexpected! They loved the mud puppies they found in a little creek in Slovenia. 

Jesus encouraged us to be like little children and I think a reason why is because He wants us to marvel and delight in the beauty and blessings around us.


God created you and me and every other person on the planet! It’s amazing and wonderful and true!

I hope you enjoy this reminder of who you are and who you can become.


In this episode I share my experience of losing my father-in-law. At the time my children were young and I wrote them a letter in hopes to provide them comfort one day when they’re a bit older; missing their grandpa or experiencing the presence of death in a different aspect of their life.

It’s interesting because even through the despair sadness and sorrow that I felt at that time; for myself, my husband and our family the light of Christ was ever present within me because I felt like I walked through out my days with Him at my side.


It was a 13 days before I turned 20 when Ben proposed to me. I KNEW he was going to do that evening. I didn’t know how or when but I had even told my friend in dance history that morning that I thought my boyfriend was going to propose.

In this episode I read directly from my journal entry I wrote that very evening about the proposal and all the details. 

You will love this!


In Hebrews chapter 10 Paul uses the word “Illuminated” to describe the power the spirit has to add light, direction and guidance to our lives.

As we record the experiences that are illuminating to our soul, our mind, our heart and life experience it can empower up with a strong testimony to endure and continue to persevere.

Life will forever be filled with up’s and downs and those illuminating memories will be the tools that will help us move through all afflictions hand in hand with our Savior.


When I was a pre-teen I pushed my limits of rudeness by vomiting angry and hormonal emotions at my dad. Immediately, I knew I had crossed a line in a big way and legged it upstairs to lock myself into the bathroom.

The following events led into running away and quickly realizing that I had to face my actions and make things right. 

Sometimes running away from our problems seems WAY more appealing than facing them and moving forward BUT the biggest lie that we tell ourselves is we can avoid the obstacles or mistakes we have made. 


In Hebrew’s we learn many important truths, one being to become partakers of Christ. What does it mean to partake of something? It means to receive it to take it in, absorb it, and then it literally becomes a part of who we are. 

As we have confidence in Christ and partake of the atonement, His teachings and life’s example we will become more like Him!


If you love squirrels then this episode is not for you… A squirrel dies in it!

I am sharing how a squirrel that was terrorizing us my making his home in our attic needed to go but the job wasn’t finished. After time we realized the shot squirrel returned to our attic and died there to add a stench so revolting that we were going crazy. 

Sometimes we have feeling decaying in our heart and if they are not taken out they can hurt us and stunt our ability to grow and find joy.


In Thessalonians Paul shares a short yet direct message that applies to probably all of us; be not weary in well doing! What is “well doing?” and are you spending your life being wearing while you live the gospel or are you allowing Christ to strengthen you?

how to overcome fear


Are you in for a treat today?! I will be sharing how my horse Shrimp’s fear of orange tractors (yes orange tractors) bled over to me. I have a legit fear of orange tractors so much so that it would control my decisions on where to go on rides. Most of my ride was praying we weren’t going to have to face an orange tractor.

Have you inherited a fear from someone in your life? Are you allowing something that scares you or someone you love to control your actions? Listen to hear the amazing quote by Eleanor Roosevelt that will change the way you view your fears.

Come follow me sabbath though - JOY


In Phillippians Paul teaches more eternal truths, the one I share is about finding JOY in and through Jesus Christ. Such a simple yet profound truth that deep, abiding joy can and is found through our Savior Jesus Christ. 

What is joy to you? What does it feel like? How do you describe joy? When was the last time you felt Joy?

Jessica Stories podcast


In this episode I share how a swear word flew out of my skinny lips -which is unusual because I have always prided myself on my clean language.

Where did this new habit come from and want to know what I did to change my behavior?

Do you ever find words slipping out of your mouth that are not inline with your character? Find out my simple but hard solution.

come follow me; Gather together


NEW! Each Saturday I will upload a short message in hopes to prepare you for your sabbath day worship.

In Ephesians we are taught different ways to be perfected as saints of Christ. One way taught in Ephesians 1:10 to gather together in Christ. I share some thoughts on how gathering together can illuminate our lives and bring us closer to God. 

Jessica Stories Podcast Episode 25


In this episode I share how on Sunday morning I took the lazy route and didn’t do my normal morning habits and the result was bad!

You will discover how one stolen buttered bagel sent my day off in a tizzy of negativity. Be sure to listen to the story as my dog shares her side of the story.

Have you ever let one thing send you off into a negative spiral? If you have listen and feel less alone in being imperfect and walk away with some ways to let go of all that negativity.

jessica stories podcast


In this episode I open my heart by sharing my raw and honest response to finding out I was pregnant at the age of 21!

Learn how this was the toughest challenge I had faced. I’ll share what I gave up and reveal how it transformed my relationship with God.

When was the last time you found yourself choosing to walk by faith? What did you learn and how did it influence your choices?



I share a story about a scene I witnessed in the lunch room recently and it’s interesting because it reminded me of the power we have to influence others, for good or bad.

Are you aware of how you are using the power of your influence? Are your words and actions radiating God’s light and love or are you hurting those around you as you seek control?

As you listen and pay attention to the thoughts and feelings you have?


I open up about how my ego got me something I really wanted; the lead in a Show but it wasn’t what what made me happy.

I am going to challenge you to look at your own gifts and get real with using them instead of just aiming for goals because they look good on a resume or are admired by your culture or community. 

Are you with me?


In this episode I share how my meditation practice lead me to color my hair red – eeek, I am a red head!!! I will be revealing the lessons I learned this experience…

You are going to learn and explore limiting beliefs. Have you heard of the term “limiting beliefs”? You are not going to want to miss the nuggets in this episode as they might be exactly what you need to get to the other side of your present challenge.


Hey! Can you believe this is episode 20??? How wonderful! In honor of the 20th episode I wanted to briefly introduce you once again to myself and the purpose behind this podcast.

I hope you enjoy it.


Do you keep a journal?

In this episode I share how keeping a journal has blessed my life. I even share the very first journal entry from my 7 year old self in my very first journal; it’s so cute and hilarious.

We’ll be talking about how your very own journal entries can help you remember what you know, who you are and be inspired by yourself. 


Would you get in the sea with a bunch of jellyfish floating around?

In this weeks episode I will be sharing an experience where large pink jellyfish and an islander taught me a lesson in resilience.

Sometimes you have to get stung many times to achieve your goal but the more you experience the sting the less it seems to sting and the more achievable your goal becomes. 


Do you love white water rafting? Well my family does. In this episode I am sharing a recent white water rafting epic adventure.

I will discuss some intense stories that hopefully help you realize how crucial certain rafting tools are to keep you safe and help you when in danger on the river.

I am challenging you to recognize or develop tools in your life that will keep you from emotionally and spiritually drowning. 


In Cambodia this year I visited a national park and while experiencing the amazing waterfall and river was startled by some monster fish.

Yes monster fish!! I will be relating how situations in life occur and evoke feelings.

We can’t change the feeling but we can change the story we attach to our feelings. I hope this episode leaves you encouraged to create positive and courageous stories around your feelings so you can live out your life with courage and light.


People always say “I’m surviving” or “I’ll survive” but I challenge you to thrive!

I hope this episode opens your mind to idea of thriving over surviving. I will be sharing stories and examples of how you can change your mindset from surviving to thriving!!


Do you ever feel like you are drowning in your life? All the commitments and challenges?

In this episode I’ll share how very real the feeling of drowning can be. I remember how I felt like I was drowning as a youth and use the lesson I learnt from that to help me in the challenges of life. 

I think it will help you too!



Are you scared of failing?

I fail all the time and so do you! Here is the thing- failing is the reason that leads to success. I am determined in this episode to change your mind about failing.

I will be sharing multiple stories of failing and how those failures have actually helped me grow and find getter success and joy. 


Have you ever had a phone call where you receive really scary news? I did. My crazy dog got hit by a car!!!!!

In this episode I will share tips that you can do daily that will help you transform your reaction to a response that helps you move through the discomfort of uncertain situations.

I will also tell you what happened to my doggie!


Are you an American citizen? I am “proud to be an America!”

In this episode I share my personal experience of becoming an American citizen.

I will let you know why I waited 10 years to take the plunge and fully join America. You will find out how many different countries were represented in the citizenship group. 

It was an awesome experience!


Have you ever had your nose bitten????? If you answered no you are lucky!!!

In this short episode I tell how reading no amount of parenting or self help books can prepare you for every possible situation.

Even though some surprising situations can be negative some are delightful and we must remember the purpose of life is not predictability but rather growth.  



In this episode I get real with you about my dog problems!

They sure are funny but have caused me immense stress and frustration.

I will be talking about how even the challenges that perhaps don’t seem monumental are still things God can help us with. What challenge are you struggling with that God could help you with??



This episode is a very raw and open dialogue about my journey with depression.

I try to honestly share the reality of depression and anxiety; how incredibly real and hard it can be.

I do this nervously but in hopes to help others who are suffering so they can find courage to get help. 



Do you love birth stories? I do!!! In this episode I will be sharing my birth stories and how it did not live up to my expectations!

We discuss the connection with the long journey of bringing a human into a family and the importance of families.

I will be testifying of why families are important and the backbone of life. 



If you need a good laugh and to feel better about yourself this is the episode for you!

I drove my car through my garage door! TRUE STORY!

Want to find out all the details and have a giant laugh? Listen up my friends:)


In this episode I will be sharing the challenge and sacrifice associated with standing up for your personal beliefs and standards.

I share a story where a lot was at stake when I choose to stand tall as a teenager and was amazed at how God blessed me. I was also so grateful for the friends that choose to offer support even though they shared different standards.


In this episode I will share a story where I ignored a clear boundary and found myself in a bad way with gushing blood and peering eyes.

Sounds dramatic because it was!

I’ll discuss how boundaries are there for a reason and ultimately protect us but too often we have to break a boundary to realized why they were there in the first place.

I challenge you to identify the boundaries in your life that you struggle to stay within and seek for the desire to listen and learn from mistakes.


This episode discusses how dreaming is a powerful tool that will take you to wonderful places but dreaming without flexibility can result is devastation and depression.

I open up about my longest and biggest dream that ended in a massive fail. I hope this story helps illustrate that you need to determine what success means to you to avoid some of the shame associated with failure. 


This episode covers how sometimes life gets you stuck in a corner where you are faced with something scary or something you tried hard to avoid.

I will share my famous funny story of Henry the goat! I hope to help illustrate certain truths and talk about  why we need certain experiences and how we can prepare for them.