Jessica Carney
Peter sinking after walking on the ocean


Will, you let Christ save you?

Too often we walk through life thinking we need to do it all alone and that is just false. Please, please learn from Peter and let Christ save you. I would love to share my testimony associated to this picture created by artist Yongsung Kim

This picture named “The Hand of God” has added so much light to my life because it reminds me of what my Savior offers me. This picture came into my life about four or five years ago and I remember seeing it on Pinterest. I was looking for Christ’s pictures and I saw this picture and it spoke to my heart in such a deep way.

At the time I was coming out of a stage of my life that was really challenging I had discovered that a lot of the pain and illness but I was suffering from it was depression and I was learning how to live with depression and what that means, what it looks like and how I can develop tools to find more joy and to move through it.

If you feel like you’re drowning in life you’re not alone. Peter the person that became the prophet after Christ died; he did felt that, so don’t beat yourself up about being human. Instead, remember that God created an amazing plan that even when you’re human, even when you forget to keep your eyes on Jesus, let Christ save you.

No matter what you’re drowning in or what struggles you have I can promise you, your Savior is willing and ready to save you. Learn from Peter, let Christ save you!

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