Let’s talk about living in a caravan for 10 days

When we were deciding how we would do our Europe trip we knew we wanted to see a lot of stuff. We also knew we wanted to see the countryside rather than the big cities. It seemed that driving and living in a caravan would be an excellent option. Our friends, who we vacationed with had had experience with this type of vacation in Europe and it seems it a rather popular way to travel.

Lucky for us, we did our vacation before most of Europe gets out of school so we missed the crowds- a low point to this was we were the only people who had children and it appeared that we were the only ones who made sound at the camp grounds… we got LOTS of stares from the older folk!

My family got a larger caravan but compared to American standards it was tiny. With that said I felt like there was plenty of space and lots of storage.

Things we loved about our caravan:

  • How we could do a 3 point turn without any challenges
  • Didn’t have to unhook it from a truck; just stop and park
  • Lots of stroage
  • Just had to unpack once; all our stuff had a spot and was organized
  • Once parked you could be immediately getting ready for bed
  • Good size fridge
  • Comfortable seats
  • Bed’s were much better than I expected
  • Did surprisingly well on mountain passes and small roads


Things we didn’t love:

  • The toilet; It was very stinky and seemed to take all day to get rid of any smells. We only used it once. Everywhere we camped had great toilets and showers so there was no need to use it anyway.
  • The cutlery drawer kept opening during driving
  • The constant clatter from the pots and pans banging around as we drove
  • The noise when driving; it was generally really loud always
  • The front window was too long that if we wanted to see the whole landscape we had to crouch with bent backs
  • One of the doors wouldn’t open from the outside which was annoying
  • Driving in the city and small towns was freaky as the roads were small and procarious

I would totally recommend traveling through Europe via this mode of transportation. It was affordable and provided flexibility. Next time instead of driving every day to a new area  we would like to stay put in each location for two or three nights so that we could get to know the local area a little better.

We were really impressed with the campsites. Most had someone who spoke english, a few didn’t which created an interesting experience.  All had toilets, showers and laundromats. Some had restaurants and playgrounds, and one had a swimming pool. Mostly, if we spent more money it was nicer but even the cheaper ones were pleasant but older.

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