Mom’s can MOVE!

Mom’s can move!

I said “Mom’s can move!”

Can I get an AMEN!

“When I say ‘A’ you say “men”

A”——— “MEN” “A”——— “MEN”

Haha, I totally wish we in car together jamming out to Imagine dragons, headed to a dance party for moms! Wouldn’t that be snazzy? I think so…

Darling, perhaps you thinking –

“This mama got no moves, no dancing for me”

“What? I haven’t danced for years and years… Seriously, we are talking 30 plus years”

“My hips don’t now how to move”

“I am no way going to break it down on the dance floor because I will hurt myself!”

“I have zero rhythm”

HOLD your horses dear. Just because you are a mom and not 18 anymore, just because you spend the majority of your money putting your kiddos through extra curricular activities, just because you don’t think you have time or haven’t moved your body for eon years. It freaking doesn’t matter.

IT DOESN’T MATTER! – Yes I used bold caps because I mean it. I am yelling a high pitch yodel into my computer, through the internet waves and to your delicate ears.

Please listen.

STOP making excuses why you simply can’t make time to move your amazing body. Your body was made to move. Movement is essential to our earthly experience so why not broaden your movement possibilities.

I think it’s absolutely outrageous the boundaries us ladies box ourselves in. I do this, you do this. Before we go on let’s take a moment. Think about your hubby, brother or dad. When there is a basketball game at church sporadically or turkey ball on thanksgiving day those men in your life turn up and have a blast.

They don’t worry that it’s be 25 year since they played in high school . They don’t care about their gut bouncing up and down. They don’t even think it will be hard or that they have lost some or all their skills. NO to all of it! They go and give it a try and have a blast.

If you have a body you can move.

If the men in our life are not boxing themselves up why in the world have you decided that you can’t move your body. MOM’S CAN MOVE.

If you have an inner desire to move you can.

When you see others dance do you have tinges of jealousy or regret ? No worries you can do it. You can start moving and I will help you.

I have an amazing idea. I will be your movement motivator. I will teach you the easiest steps, I will teach you the dances, I will give you tips to be safe and build inner power so you can move for ever and ever.

First ever #momscanmove class

I choreographed this line dance to the cheesiest English pop song ever, I LOVE IT! English pop always makes me feel youthful and bouncy.

The song is STEPS 5,6,7,8 (who remembers STEPS?). Make a little space and get off your beautiful bum and start moving!

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