NEED SELF CONFIDENCE? You need to know this!

Do you need self confidence? You need to know this! Do you struggle with negative self talk? Do you forget just how incredibly amazing you are? If you answered yes to any of these questions please continue reading because I have something that might change your life!

Need Self confidence?

Confidence isn’t something you are nessicarily born with confidence is something that you create within yourself. Confidence is something that you develop and grow.

I firmly believe confidence begins in your mind. One thing that destroys confidence faster than anything DRIVES ME CRAZY! It is the belief that you are not good enough.

What hurts your confidence???? Not realizing how AMAZING YOU ARE!!!!!!! Let’s take a moment and remember some crucial TRUTHS. Remember you were created by God! Remember you are the most important creation God made! Remember you are of divine nature! Remember you are glorious because He made you:)

Those ugly unkind thoughts that might exist inside your head first will crush your confidence and second THEY ARE NOT FROM GOD! These thoughts will never bring you joy so please STOP listening to them and start remembering who made you and seeking HIS approval.

If you need more confidence, seek for more courage and self love you have to STOP SECOND GUESSING YOURSELF and START TRUSTING GOD AND WHAT HE HAS PLACED IN YOUR PATH.

Your confidence will grow as you remind yourself daily and hourly that YOU — ARE — AMAZING. One way I have done this is through the meditation program I have been taking by Brooke Snow.

Brooke has created an amazing Christian meditation class and in it has a powerful mantra titled “I love and accept you” this meditation has transformed the thoughts and feeling I have towards myself. You can start learning about this meditation in her podcast.

Another way I have been effective in changing the way I think about myself and grow my confidence is by moving forward with action instead of dwelling in my thoughts. I have found great motivation in this area from Grant Cardone’s book The 10x rule.

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