People say we become the sum of the 5 people we either give our time to the most or spend the most time with. If your main 5 people are depleting you and you are in need of some more positivity and encouragement I invite you to learn from Nephi. Nephi is awesome, he has an incredible perspective and focus.

If you have you ever felt like life keeps throwing you curveballs? Or that things keep going wrong? Nephi gets you because his life was such a roller coaster.

Nephi helps us remember that no matter how crappy things are right now you can find peace, find one thing to be happy about, see the silver lining if you choose to focus on that. That which you focus on will determine whether or not you can remind happy in the worst of situations.

We discover Nephi in the Book of Mormon, he is the youngest son of Lehi. His family is traveling from Jerusalem all the way over to America. This is a crazy journey they embark on and they do it because the Lord told them to!

Nephi has several brothers and each sees their situation through a different lens. The situation is; they are following God’s will which means leaving their home in Jerusalem, returning to Jerusalem to get the brass plates, building a ship, and sailing across the ocean.

Laman and Lemuel (the older brothers) focused on their sufferings and afflictions in the wilderness. They did murmur against their father Lehi because he had brought them out of the land of Jerusalem. They said things like “we’ve wandered much in the wilderness” “we’ve suffered much affliction, hunger, thirst, fatigue, and after all these sufferings we must perish in the wilderness!” These thoughts led them to commit grave sins; they even tried to murder their younger brother on multiple occasions!!

Nephi had a totally different perspective. He said things like  “so great was the blessings of the Lord upon us”  “while we did live upon raw meat in the wilderness her women did give plenty of suck for their children and were strong!” “they began to bear their journeyings without murmurings.” 

He’s having the exact same experience and let’s be clear they all endured REALLY HARD challenges BUT instead of being focused on what made it hard he’s seeking God and the good in the situation.

What we focus on in our situation is what we will magnify, and what we magnify, will create our attitudes, our thoughts, our feelings, and, the life that we end up living.

Yes! You can remain happy and experience peace in the worst experiences BUT It will take work! This work will challenge you but has the capacity to enhance your joy.

If you’re not happy with the life that you’re living or a situation in your life or a relationship, then maybe there’s something different you can focus on? Perhaps, you feel like you are literally in the worst situation right now; if that’s the case – I am so sorry… life can truly be a challenge but I invite you to look and choose your focus wisely.

Ask yourself these questions –

  • What thoughts am I having about the situation?
  • What are the questions I keep asking yourself?

Answering these questions will help you identify where you focus is. Then ask yourself –

  • Am I focused on how hard it is?
  • All the pain?
  • All that I’m missing out on or leaving behind?

If you answered yes to any of the previous questions I invite you to change your focus.

Be like Nephi! Seek after light just like I teach in my Free class, and use your agency to shift your focus into a direction that will bless you, develop the habits and skills to seek after the silver lining in your life experiences. Seek out God and His hand in your life you will GROW your CONFIDENCE in Him. As you do these things you will be able to be happy even in the worst situation and you will become a more glorious version of yourself!

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