One step at a time

This one principle can help you go from being emotionally stuck to discovering your next step & moving forward.  

The importance of involving God in your next step.

Choosing to believe that God does not want you to stay stuck is imperative in implementing this principle. God does not want you to stay confused. He wants you to act! We learn in the scriptures that “faith is dead without works.” When we know that we are not in a good space, are feeling stuck, our energy is low, it brings us down, depresses us into a state where we’re less likely to move forward. 

Imagine this

If you were in sinking mud or sand you would be pulled down. Being emotionally stuck will bring you down too. The fantastic truth is you need to figure out your next step and who better to invite into the process than God Himself. God knows your next step, He is your Creator, He knows the situation you feel stuck in. He knows the details, of the details, of your situation.

Invite God to help you know your next step.

In my last episode of Jessica Stories I talked about how God is compelling me to learn Spanish. I found myself feeling really stuck last week. I had been progressing and then BAM it seemed like I was back to square one again. I wasn’t retaining what I was learning and felt really embarrassed, even foolish.

I prayed about it and went through the Next Step Strategy and the thought came to me to buy a Spanish hymn book. I took action on this next step and have the energy to keep moving forward in my goal to learn Spanish! 

Determine the step and then take it!

Remember, you’re not looking for step 25 or step 100 or step 1000… you are looking for your next step, one baby step ahead of where you are at.

Invite God into your journey as you get emotionally unstuck. Ask Him to help you find one step ahead of where you’re at… just one step ahead! Be open to what He might inspire you to do and then take that step. God is acutely aware of you, He knows that you’re stuck in different situations in your life; He knows how to help you. 

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