17 Thoughts to LET GO OF!

The power of thoughts will literally dictate your life. PERIOD! I am going to tell you 17 thoughts you can LET GO OF RIGHT NOW! None of these thoughts are serving you. Please identify them when they swim around in your mind.

I’m going to share the secret of how you can stop creating these thoughts.

First, you need to understand one IMPORTANT fact – your thoughts will create your reality! I talk about this concept in this PODCAST episode. Spending time and effort training yourself on how to create Godly, empowering and transformative thoughts will improve your life tenfold.

In Isaiah 55:8 the Lord tells us “My thoughts are not your thoughts” and that His thoughts are higher than your thoughts. Now, don’t throw a tantrum and pout about this. You’re not God so obviously you’re not going to have His thoughts BUUUUUT you can follow the patterns He teaches us and strive to create more holy Godlike thoughts.

God-like thoughts will help you feel closer to God and become more like Him. Creating God-like thoughts is the fastest way to start Hearing Him in your mind and heart.

Below are some thoughts that will distance you from God and cloud your mind with noise and distraction that will make it tremendously harder to hear Him, feel His presence and guidance in your life.

Have you had any of these thoughts lately???? (Be honest!!!!)

*I want to be happy for her but I’m too jealous

*Every time I log into Instagram I feel like I am going to puke!

*I can’t turn up as myself because I’m too weird

*I’m TOO MUCH for other people.

*I am tired of changing who I am to accommodate everyone else?

*I’m so conflicted; I feel like I need to do something but can’t seem to move forward

* Every time I make progress on my next step I quickly become paralyzed with fear…

*I feel like I should just give up on dreams

*Dreams are for people with money, no children and lots of luck

*I feel like I’m trapped in my thoughts

*My thoughts scare me

*I wish I loved my life…

*I can’t tell my husband he’ll think I’m crazy!

*I don’t understand! I felt SOOOO good about this and now I’m just stuck!

*Why do I feel so mad at my friend’s success?

*I am sooo exhausted by the constant compassion game that’s playing in my head?

*Is it possible to be happy for others who are living the life I dream of living?

OK, I am about to drop a truth bomb on you… READY?????

All these thoughts lead to a dead end. None of these will result is momentum, encouragement or a better more glorified version of you. ANNNNND these are absolutely not God-like thoughts. These thoughts don’t even make space for God.

Who do these thoughts serve????????

These thoughts don’t serve you. These thoughts don’t help you realize how amazing and divine you are. These thoughts don’t increase your confidence in God and His plan for you! These thoughts don’t help you reconnect with God and strengthen your relationship with Him. These thoughts don’t help you step into your purpose and make a difference.

The only being these thoughts serve is the devil. BOOOOOM! Yes, I went there because it’s true. Only the devil benefits from your thoughts that lead to dead ends. If he can get you stuck he is happy because you aren’t making the impact God intends you to make.


You need to create and develop thoughts that add light into your life. Thoughts that shed truth in your life. Thoughts that lift you, that encourage you and remind you of your divine worth.

In the Doctrine and Covenants, section 50, verse 24, The Lord teaches you “That which is of God is light, and he that receiveth light, and continueth in God, receiveth more light; and that light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day.”

If we want to feel close to God and create God-like thoughts we need to seek after light. I have created a FREE MINI course called Shine Again all about how you can add light into your life and start creating thoughts filled with light that will fill your life up with light.

Have you had any of those thoughts listed above? If you have, take the time to learn the simple framework of letting go of those thoughts and filling your life with God’s light and experience peace, progression, and a deeper connection with your Heavenly Father.

Go and enjoy the Free Mini-CourseRIGHT NOW and learn transformative tools to let go of those hurtful thoughts and become filled with light.

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