One on One Dance &Yoga Mentoring

$60.00 $30.00


This one on one mentoring is good for 2 weeks!

Upon purchasing you will receive a link to sign up for a video chat or phone call with me (Jessica!). Then we will connect two more times after that. Each one on one mentoring session will be 30 minutes long and will be accompanied by a check in email or text each week.

Each week we will connect virtually by one of the following mediums Google Hangouts/Skype/Zoom/Facebook Messenger. I will guide you through movement and help you see exactly how to adjust your body to increase your movement, enhance your strength and expand your flexibility. I will also empower you with confidence and gratitude for your amazing body.

This one on one mentoring experience will give you specific achievable assignments that will transform your body and mind!

Are you ready?????