Every tapper needs to know how to do a shuffle step. Shuffle steps are used all the time in tap. Crazy thing is a lot of people have difficulty with this beginner step.

There is one MAJOR secret to making the shuffle step easy – Put your weight forward into your toes. Ok lets back track a tad because maybe that makes no sense to you…

A shuffle step is a forward toe tap brush and a backward toe tap brush. Here is where everything goes wrong for our beginner tappers. They put their weight in their heels. If you weight is in your heels it makes it incredibly hard to brush the toe tap forward without brushing the heel tap too.

The supportive leg (the leg that is not performing the shuffle step) is stable with a slight bend, shifting the weight into the toe, the heel is on the ground but not taking the majority of the weight. The shuffling leg is brushing the toe tap forward and back allowing the knee to bend which lifts the foot up making space so that the heel doesn’t brush the floor.

When you switch side you jump from the supporting side’s toe to the other side landing on the toe. This principle will come in handy when we take this to running flaps.


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