Slovenia has my HEART

Of the seven countries we visited while in Europe my favorite was Slovenia. It was a delightful, stunning surprise. The drive into Bovec; where we stayed, was rather hair raising. We wove our way up and down a mountain pass in a caravan which didn’t fit very well on the skinny, winding roads. My anxiety picked up on this drive, it was day two of driving and our most intense leg of driving. I am pretty sure my heart rate was incredibly elevated during and after for about 24 hours.

At one point we passed a tour coach and it’s beyond me how we didn’t fall off the mountain; in that moment I wished our caravan could be like the night bus from Harry Potter and squeeze it’s way through traffic… actually perhaps it did:)

The lady at the front desk of our campsite was so kind, warm and welcoming. She went out of her way time and time again to help us and make our time in Bovec more enjoyable. This was how everyone I meet in Bovec was- SO much kindness and a general welcoming spirit was in abundance. We learn’t that Slovenians learn English in 1st grade and speak it excellently.


Our first full day in Slovenia, our crew split up into a rafting crew and a fishing crew. I was apart of the rafting crew. Being on a vibrant turquoise river with a backdrop of gigantic limestone mountains covered with greenery was such a treat. Rafting in Europe took way more safety precautions  than us in the wild west. We were decked out with wet suits, socks, booties and helmets. I felt a little over dressed:) The rapids were small and fun. Our guide was called Barney but I kept calling him Barry by accident… He said “Hopa!” a lot and after a while Lucas joined in enthusiastically yelling “Hopa!” along with him. There were lots of giggles and beautiful memories were made.



The big boys; Ben and Spencer went fishing for Golden trout that are only found in Slovenia! They said it was hard fishing but worth the challenge. Their fishing guide  knew all the good spots, smoked like a chimney and told them all about the country. They had to cross a dodgy suspension bridge at one point… The came back stinky and manly…haha!!!

Another aspect of Slovenia that I adore is the vegetable gardens. According to the boy’s fishing guide everyone has gardens and that is a main source of how they feed their families. Just as we walked through the little town of Bovec we saw garden’s behind every house. They were tidy, unique and filled with life. I was inspired to think of ways I can grow my own food but more importantly take care of the gardens that I already have.

If you have the chance to visit Slovenia I highly recommend it:)


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