Spiritual worth means to value ourselves the way Heavenly Father values us, not as the world values us.  Our worth was determined before we ever came to this earth.  “God’s love is infinite and it will endure forever.” – Joy D Jones

Make some sticky notes with “I am” Statements that are TRUE and reflect your divine potential. One way to know if it is a true statement is to ask yourself is that true about Jesus too because we know through the scriptures that God’s desire is for all his children to become like Him. He made us with all the spiritual abilities that we need to become like Him.

I choose the following I AM statements-

  • I AM a child of God
  • I AM kind
  • I AM creative
  • I AM loved

Now, I might not always be kind or creative but I have the potential for those attributes to become an intricate part of who I am the more I practice them. Perhaps you wonder “was Jesus creative?” Heck YES! He and Heavenly Father created the world we live in and many more and all that is in these worlds. Talk about creative!!!

I especially love the I AM statement “I AM loved” because if we listened to the lies of Satan that nobody loves us then we can really get stuck and life can seem pretty dark in those moments.

Of course Heavenly Father and Jesus loves you- they made us!!! Think of all your parents have done out of love for you. You siblings, friends, extended family members, teachers, neighbors…

It is great to remind yourself of all those who are cheering you on who are alive and those who have passed on before or are waiting to come to earth and be with you.

Once you have chosen 2-4 I AM statements I want you to put them somewhere where you will see them every day. If you have a mirror you use every day that would be a great spot or on your bedside table.

Challenge yourself to say these I AM statements everyday.

In order to be successful decide right now what time of day you will say these statements. -you got this!



Enjoy this yoga class and a lesson on self worth:)

what do you see in the mirror?

Hopefully you have been practicing your “I am statements” if you haven’t you can start now:) Today is never too late to start something good.

We learn in the book of mormon that it “by Small and simple thing that great things come to pass.” We don’t need to get stressed about doing massive hard things but rather incorporate small helpful habits into our lives that remind us of our potential and awesomeness.

I would like you to ask yourself do I feel any different? Am I starting to see myself through God’s eyes? Am I remembering who I am?

Next Step

Next time you look in the mirror I want to challenge you to see a characteristic of yours…

Maybe your thinking “say, what???”

Let me explain…

I look in the mirror and maybe start looking at my face or check to see if there is any broccoli in my teeth (got to get rid of the broccoli) then I want to train myself to STOP!

Take a breath and ask myself

“What christlike characteristic did I show today in my actions?”

Perhaps I have to think for a moment {{{{{{{THINKING}}}}}}}}

  • I was DILIGENT today as I remembered to read my scriptures
  • I was KIND when I went out my way to chat with someone who looked sad and alone
  • I was THOUGHTFUL when I helped in the kitchen after breakfast.

As we train ourselves to see the christlike characteristics that we are developing we will have more confidence and energy to keep trying. We will realize we are actually becoming like Jesus.

Now, I am not saying don’t care about your appearance but rather don’t make your appearance the most important thing. You see, one day, you will get older, have wrinkles and look…well…different. If you have cared so so so deeply about your outer shell you might feel very empty and lost on the inside.

Let’s avoid having that happen!

You are divine because of who made you.


Enjoy a guided meditation

Gratitude is a practice

Taking time to breathe and feed our mind with simple thoughts of gratitude is a powerful and transformative practice.

This could be fun to do with your mom or a friend.

If you forget to breathe consistently don’t worry. Just start breathing again when you remember.


Once you have done the guided meditation grab a journal, pen and timer. Set the timer for 5 mins and write. Write what you are grateful for. You can write about people, experiences you have, your body, stuff you have, your country, animals, books, hobbies, nature – literally anything. Just write with GRATITUDE.

Then SHARE your gratitude with someone. Sharing is caring and in the case of sharing gratitude you will help others feel the power and peace that comes with being grateful!


YOU determine what beautiful is

Guess what YOU get to determine what beautiful is! Isn’t that freeing!

Last week in class we discussed how everyone has a different perception of what beauty is AND if we spend our life trying to be someone else type of beauty we will be unhappy.

I LOVE what Lynn G Robbins said about beauty-

“Happiness is the most attractive accessory a young woman can have.”

Lynn G Robbins

I have found this to be true. Those who are HAPPY and elude joy and kindness seem to shine in their own special way. They even radiate! They are so beautiful but their beauty isn’t coming from their eyeshadow or something they put on but their countenance.

This video illustrates how different cultures perceive beauty. They are ALL different. I think this is wonderful and freeing because it helps solidify that there is no one way to be beautiful. It also illustrates that a lot of what we perceive to be beautiful is strongly influenced by the cultures medias.

Spend more of your time here on earth becoming more like Jesus. Being kind, loving those around you and sharing goodness AND I promise you will become more beautiful than you could ever have imagined. Not that you do it for that but thats just the way God works. The more we emulate Him the more we will radiate His glorious, stunning light.

This weeks challenge

Take time to notice how often other peoples perceptions of beauty are impacting your daily life. Perhaps it’s comments people at school make about someones clothing choice. Maybe it’s the strange obsession people have with creating the perfect brow. Or how friends Ooo and ahhh over someones appearance and don’t say anything about their character.

Just notice it! Take it in. See how it makes you feel. Question if it’s true or if it’s false? Does an obsession with beauty bring you peace or anxiety?




The world needs you

Just take a moment and remember that Heavenly Father send you to earth at this time for a purpose- because He needs you. He gave specific gifts and abilities because He needs them to bring about change. Change for good!

Place your hands on your heart and close your eyes and think of what abilities and talents make you special and unique. As they come to mind will you say thank-you in your mind. Thank your Heavenly Father for making you this way.

Sometimes the things that make us unique are the things that maybe can be hard sometimes but often just because something is hard or challenging or makes us different does not mean that we have something wrong with us. Rather it is an opportunity for you and I to learn more about our Heavenly potential.

You are wonderful, unique and so needed on earth today!


Enjoy this short yoga flow. Do it with a friend or your mom!



Your life is filled with opportunities to connect to yourself and those around you. Everyday movement can be an opportunity to live more fulling in the present and intensify your senses.

Look for opportunities to hug a loved one, to bounce around giggling with a friend, breathe with purpose, snuggle with or stroke a pet etc…

Breathing in everyday life is clearly important because without breath we would be dead. But here is the thing we are clearly breathing but if you choose to breathe with purpose Your incredible breath will fuel your mind, muscles, and organs.

Enjoy this video that walks you through some great breathing techniques.

Now apply these teaching as you enjoy this yoga class