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Breathing in dance- why it’s so important

Breathing in dance needs to addressed and why it’s so important. Learning to breathe in dance will transform your dance experience. If you don’t breath with intention you will tire fast, loose power, start compensating and HURT yourself! Who wants that? Not me, not you! Yes of course you are breathing because otherwise you would […]

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I hope you enjoyed this intermediate tap tutorial – Heel, spank. toe, heel. Wow— that was a mouthful! It’s also called a paddle roll 😂 This move is definitely more intermediate than most of my other tutorials but heres the thing – If you take it slow and learn it by being consistent it will […]

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The most versatile dance move

The most versatile dance move is the grapevine. It is used commonly in line dancing, square dancing, musical theatre, Zumba and aerobics. What makes it such a great versatile move is that it travels which can add variety to the choreography. It is easy and can change directions. One of the most common mistakes I […]

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