The best dance warm up

I have your mind and body covered

I designed this dance warm up with musical rehearsal in mind. It is a little over 3 mins long. It will warm up your body and mind, I promise!

What to expect

  • It starts with breathing and centering yourself while building unity with those around you.
  • Deep 2nd plies with side arm arm scooping. Be sure to remember to keep your hips in the same position, you might even need to tuck those hips. The reaching is coming from your torso not by moving your hips side to side.
  • Big stretches and deep lunges activate the blood flow through your large muscle groups.
  • Across the floor we are moving all the muscle groups and building up to some high impact movement
  • Big “X” JUMPS get the heart racing, blood pumping and muscles working hard and in unison- remember to breathe:)
  • Opening up shoulders through should rotations is glorious to release tension in the neck and upper spine
  • 1st position plies with moving arms provide a moment tp find alignment and target specific muscle groups
  • Releves activate your muscles balancing abilities and strengthen your amazing legs
  • The warm up finishes with a heart opener and more “X” jumps

I hope you love this warm up as much as I do!

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