When the data proves it’s impossible

Data is pretty important in proving that which is true. Every time you use your agency to do something you are collecting data whether you are paying attention or not. Over years and years, I have subconsciously and consciously been collecting data that it is practically impossible for me to learn a foreign language, especially Spanish.

What have you been collecting data about? Is there something you are convinced that you are incapable of doing?

Please understand that I am not being dramatic…Yes, I am a dramatic person but I am going to share some painful data to convince you that I cannot learn a foreign language.


  • As a teenager, I had two French exchange students and my french got worse… 
  • In college, I took American Sign Language (this is the most successful language attempt I have tried to learn but do I remember anything??? Only the alphabet! 
  • I married a person who speaks Spanish…
  • On a road trip with my husband, I thought “I’ve got nine hours! I’m going to learn some Spanish.” I was unsuccessful! By the end of our nine-hour trip, I could not count to 10 in Spanish! I kept blending Spanish into French and into German using the weirdest accent. I simply could not figure it out and my husband basically begged me to stop trying. 
  • I had the opportunity to be in a church congregation that shared a building with a Spanish congregation. I thought maybe this is it! I love all church things so maybe I will finally figure out how to speak Spanish. I attended that building for 5 years “Como Esta” is all I learned. 
  • We lived in Ecuador for two months and I thought again “this is where it will click!” Everyone says you just need to be around people, immersed in the culture to learn how to speak the language. We were immersed and it wasn’t until 2 weeks before we left that I remembered the difference between “Buenos Dias” “Buenos tarde”

That is a lot of data proving my utter failure to learn a foreign language and I was quite content closing the door on this very long, somewhat pathetic chapter of my life until God spoke. God spoke to my heart and told me something that stirred my soul in massive ways.

God has made it clear that He wants me to learn Spanish!

This is totally NOT what I wanted to hear! There is soooo much data that proves this is impossible and I simply don’t feel like I’m capable of doing it. Learning Spanish sounds hard and boring (no offense if you speak Spanish), and remember all that data…

What is something you feel is impossible for you to succeed at?

What would you do if God asked you to do that very thing?

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