The power of desire

Daily, you and I are heavily influenced by the power of desire in our lives. That which we desire impacts our thoughts and actions and essentially the lives we live and create.

In my post When the data proves it’s impossible” I shared how utterly pathetic my efforts were in trying to learn a foreign language. I have a long list of data, of proof suggesting that my ability to speak a different language is incredibly low. I was ok with this humiliating truth and ready to never try again until God intervened.

I had a spiritual experience where it became clear to me that God wanted me to learn Spanish.

I honestly thought learning a different language was simply impossible for me. Perhaps you are wondering why would God ask me to speak Spanish and why would I have a different success rate? I had only very, very disappointing results from my meager efforts.

Upon receiving this revelation I wanted to scream! I wanted to hide! This was not the answer I wanted but I knew that God was asking me to learn Spanish. I don’t know why I’m supposed to learn Spanish but I do know who is asking me to try…  God. I love God and know what happens when I follow the things He asks me to do – GROWTH AND POWER abound in my life. Then something magnificent shifted in me.

I suddenly had a desire!

The power of desire has changed within me. Even though I had tried over years and years to learn little bits of Spanish my desire was practically invisible. We learn in the scriptures that if we have a desire God will magnify that desire. Often all God asks us is to start with a desire and to let that grow within our hearts. I had a desire to follow God.

My desire to follow God’s plan for me fills me with optimism, ideas and energy to try harder and not give up.

What is God asking you to do?

How has the power of desire helped you do things that seem impossible?

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